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Below is a selection of genuine reviews from magazines & newspapers such as Womens Fitness, Now & The Mail, to QVC Viewers, Yahoo, Handbag.com, and Tasty Little Numbers fans!

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In a post on her favourite grab and go snacks, blogger Amanda Bootes described Tasty Little Numbers as "perfectly packaged, already weighed out, tasty feel good food" and one of their favourite companies for healthy and intuitive ideas!!

Netmums - online
Uk's 'leading' mum's website and forum has several glowing reviews of Tasty Little Numbers published
"Tasty Little Numbers appeared in the popular 'food bites' section of mailonline where the journalist encourages readers to 'reach for the tasty little number's product range' and 'gobble it up and get on with your day'."
Bodyfit - published
The milk chocolate bar was featured as the 'best new diet treat' on the health page.
Woman & home magazine - published (also to publish interview with jo)
TLN appears in the 'woman & home loves this month..." section under the heading '100 calorie snacks'.
Wellbeing magazine - online review and live taste test filmed
The review piece included a detailed overview of the products, as well as the story behind the creation of the product range. The piece includes a website credit, as well as a large image of the 200 calorie chicken tikka masala dish be seen by the website's 150,000 monthly unique users. Positive taste test filmed and published online 'with editor saying she would thoroughly recommend them'
Sofeminine.Co.Uk - online
Tasty Little Numbers 100 calorie chocolate bars featured in 'healthy foods and snacks to eat at your desk'. The article mentions the ideology behind Tasty Little Numbers.
Style magazine
Tasty Little Numbers appears in style magazine, the luxury glossy lifestyle magazine. The product features in the 'light bites' section of the magazine and is described as 'full on flavour with none of the guilt'. The piece includes an image and website address which will be seen by the magazine's 50,000 circulation.
Female first - online
Femalefirst, the uk's largest online community for women on issues such as sex, relationships, fashion, entertainment and travel! It has a staggering 3million visitors a month! 'Tasty Little Numbers answers the prayers of people who are super busy, who enjoy real tasty food and want to watch what they're eating. With this range it's easy to keep track of the calories you're eating and perfect to indulge in a treat without feeling any guilt. Definitely one to pop on the shopping list'
Best diet special - online
Under the heading 'treats to try', the piece features a description of the chocolate bars and crisps, as well as an accompanying image for each. The piece includes pricing details and ends with a website credit.
Now magazine
"TLN was reviewed in the 'diet news' page under the heading 'easy low-cal snacking' which describes how 'with Tasty Little Numbers snack bars and crisps, you can fill the hunger hole without Tasty Little Numbers appears in regional newspaper, south wales echo, in a 'tried and tested' review as part of a 'healthy eating, easy planning' feature. The piece describes the product range as 'full of flavour' and a 'great idea'."
Zest - published
Zest magazine featured the 100 calorie chocolate bars in the october issue on the health expert page featuring healthy snacks to have on the go.
Body fit - published
July issue the editor featured the range under the heading 'food for thought'. The journalist encourages readers to purchase the Tasty Little Numbers snack pots stating that they are 'a great lunch option' with flavours guaranteed to 'satisfy your taste buds'.
Health & fitness - online
Health & fitness magazine reviews Tasty Little Numbers in the diet news page. The piece mentions how Tasty Little Numbers is ideal for dieters as you get to 'finish the bag'.
Sunday mirror - celebs on sunday - published
This weekend celebs on sunday featured a review of the chicken curry snack pots in their 'guilt free grub' section, describing them as "our fave" and "a cut above your standard heat 'n' eat microwave meals".
Zest magazine twitter
Features editor laura at zest magazine tweeted an image and reference to the Tasty Little Numbers range to her 300+ followers.
Ok! Magazine twitter
Lucy at ok! Magazine tweeted an image and reference to the Tasty Little Numbers range to the magazines 270,000+ followers.
Feel good you - online
The Tasty Little Numbers range features on 'our shopping list', including details of the new range, stockist information and a colour image.
Given to distracting others - online
Tasty Little Numbers was featured on given to distracting others this week. Editor jo bryan has reviewed the range "actually go to my cupboard and get the ingredients, all are real food and spices, no funny 'e' numbers".
Tasty Little Numbers was reviewed in the 'saints and sinners' column of this popular weekly magazine. The piece mentions that 'when you've got a chocolate craving but don't want to blow your diet, reach for a Tasty Little Numbers dark, milk or white chocolate bar".
Women's fitness - published
Tasty Little Numbers appear in the magazine's 'hot list', under the title 'snack smart' which mentions that TLN offers 'a healthier twist on all your favourites'.
New Mummy's Tips: parent panel - online
Parent panel - a highly trafficked website displaying reviews of the top products available to parents -reviewed the 100 and 200 calorie range of products. The writer has given Tasty Little Numbers 5 stars in the review with the comment that "the whole family gives the products a big thumbs up".
Great british food - published
The piece includes a large image, as well as contact details, stockist information and a website credit for Tasty Little Numbers.Com. The piece describes the range as 'aimed at foodies with a busy lifestyle, who would normally shy away from diet ready meals'.
Closer - published
Shape Up! Page in the 'best new diet treats'
An American Girl In Chelsea - online
An American Girl In Chelsea Blog - a chic guide for american women who have relocated to london which has 200,000 monthly unique users - has reviewed the TLN range of snacks. The piece is extremely positive with the writer raving about the range and stating that "i personally love this whole concept because I rarely have the chance to sit down and make myself a delicious but low-calorie dinner" and tells readers that this is not a sponsored blog.
Lived With Love
Lived With Love #AWESUM review!
Take a break - published
The Tasty Little Numbers 100 & 200 calorie range appears in the 'shop spy' section, which describes TLN as the answer to those who find that 'snacking is their downfall when it comes to dieting'.
Amy childs - online
Amy childs requested Tasty Little Numbers for her goody bags, her thank you message was seen by amy's 1 million + followers.
Lunchbox world - online
Lunchbox world posted a glowing review of the heat and eat snackpots. The review is extremely positive and includes an image of the full product range, as well as a hyperlink through to the website. The journalist comments: "i wolfed it all down with a chunk of fresh bread, and mopped up all the juices, and all this was in the guilt-free knowledge that this meal was no more than 200 calories".
Birds on the blog - online
The review piece is extremely positive and appears under the title "full marks for coming up with the concept of Tasty Little Numbers". The review gives a detailed overview of each of the products, including imagery and website hyperlinks throughout the piece and ends with the line "i hope that Tasty Little Numbers goes from strength to strength. Jo's creation and vision is not only tasty but delicious too. Good luck".
QVC review
*5 stars* like getting a toy shop
"Whilst I know this should be about how delicious the food is and the ease of everything being calorie counted; I am also blown away by the gorgeous packaging. It feels far more expensive than it was and is like receiving a lovely little shop in the post. Its modern and young, a hard thing to achieve with a pot of risotto."
QVC review
*5 stars* love these!
"I have ordered 3 packs, and have just started on my count down to my son's wedding! They are fantastic! I just take out what I can have for the day and that's that done. Could we please have some different flavour snack pots, on their own? Everything is really tasty, but not overpowering, especially the bacon flavour crisps which I usually tend to avoid. Great!"
QVC review
*5 stars* tasty
"This a really delightful package. The lemon cakes were yummy and the chocolate brownies just great. My teenage son really liked this product. He was the one who suggested that I should write the review."
QVC review
*5 stars* tasty & healthy
"The main courses were very tasty as were the cakes! As someone who struggles with portion control this item does it for you and I like the fact that it's not diet food full of additives but wholesome and delicious just in healthier portion sizes. ! More please!"
QVC review *5 stars*
A nice choice of food
"Purchased this and really glad I did, as I live by myself the cake pieces were very nice and so were the meals."
QVC *5 Star* Review! Lovely food, lovely packaging!
There is a great selection of different things, all really tasty and calorie counted to make it easy. I found all the products to be of a great quality. There are crisps, cakes, brownies and also some hot, microwaveable snack meals included. Although I really enjoyed this myself, it would also make a fantastic present for someone who you know is watching what they eat. The packaging makes it feel like a lovely hamper rather than an exercise in portion control. I've got a number of friends who I know would absolutely love this delivered to them as a christmas or birthday hamper. Lovely food, lovely packaging, feels like a treat....What's not to like?"
QVC review
*5 stars* yum!
"Yes, you probably could go to your supermarket and buy very similar products to these for less money and try to limit yourself on how much you ate. However, there was something about the lovely packaging of this and having it specially delivered that made it feel like a real treat.
QVC *5 stars*Review Great!
"Everything in the package tasted yummy, but wish there were more. Could have polished off this lot in a couple of days. Would like to see more vegetarian dishes as well."
*5 stars* Review! Tasty!
"What a fab box of goodies! Ideal portion sizes to take to work, or if you fancy a treat without going over the top. There's wasn't one thing in this package which was mediocre (the crisps were amazingly tasty). Even the box it comes in is really funky - i'll definitely be buying more of these - they're a bargain!!"
Mum's diary - online
This week popular parenting blog, Mum's Diary, published a glowing review of the Tasty Little Numbers
Chat - published
The range appears in the 'diet bites' section, under the heading 'pots of gold'!
That's life - published
Popular weekly magazine - That's Life - features Tasty Little Numbers in the '3 to try low cal snacks' section.
Pregnancy and birth - published
The editor of Pregnancy and Birth in the 'food news' page. The piece includes a website address as well as imagery and a recommendation for the 200 calorie mushroom stroganoff variant in the third trimester.
Mummy of 3 diaries - online
Tasty Little Numbers was featured on mummy of 3 diaries this week, who has posted a hugely positive review of the Tasty Little Numbers range. The products get a "huge thumbs up from everyone at mummy of 3 diaries".
At Home Online
At home online feature the bacon rashers in part of a feature on guilt free snacks under 100 calories.
Asian woman - online
The editor of asian woman tweeted an image of the 200 calorie snack pots to their 5,000 followers
Daily mirror - published
The piece encourages readers to 'look out for the Tasty Little Numbers range from jo beach' and seen by the papers 1million readers
Mother's meeting - online
Founder jenny is a huge fan of the products and has posted 2 glowing reviews, including multiple images.
At home - published
This popular monthly glossy magazine featured the TLN crisps in a '100 calorie taste test'. The piece mentions that "these snacks are full of flavour, very crunchy" and includes a product image.
Yahoo lifestyle.Com
This online lifestyle mega-site reviewed Tasty Little Numbers. The piece also includes large images of the products, a quote from yourself (where handbag describes you as 'our kind of woman') and a link to the TLN website.
Celebs on sunday - published
Tasty Little Numbers product range featured in celebs on sunday which is the supplement to leading sunday newspaper, the mirror. The bacon rashers feature in a piece on healthier crisps which describes the product as 'part of a new range where all the snacks are exactly 100 calories'.
Childcare is fun - online
Top parenting blog reviewed products from the complete TLN range; the piece is very positive and includes a review of each of the products in the box. The journalist comments "i love dark chocolate, and I wasn't let down by the taste of this 100 calorie bar. Crispy, tasty and not bad on the hips - it's a winner in my book!"
At home - published
At home magazine featured the TLN crisps as the 'editor's choice' of the month. The piece describes TLN as your 'saviour!'
Foodstuff finds - online
The review focuses on the different crisp varieties and takes the form of a detailed and positive review, featuring imagery of each variant and a website credit. The piece ends with the line: "again, and I know it goes against the grain with Tasty Little Numbers, but if you'd given me a bucket full of these texy mexy bbq grills and a spade, i'd have been well away. It's Tasty Little Numbers' fault; if you're going to go and manufacture snacks with specially weighed and calorie sized portions, then don't make them so tasty! ;-)"
Talk radio europe - online
The producer of this global radio station interviewed jo regarding Tasty Little Numbers for a piece on the entrepreneur's section which was broadcast to over 120 countries
Missing sleep - online review
The taste test blogger (karen) gave the products 5/5 and has written a glowing review about each one of the products and how you should "forget asking for conventional presents when you have a new baby get everyone you know to buy you Tasty Little Numbers snack pots".
Woman's own diet special - published
Tasty Little Numbers featured in a piece "low-cal snacks you'll love". The 100 calorie milk chocolate bar and sizzlin' and a smokin' bacon rashers products both feature in the piece.
Stressed rach - online review
One of tots 100 uk parenting blogs stressed rach reviewed TLN following the samples we sent her. The review gives a glowing write-up of all of the products in the range describing them as "delicious" and "totally scrumptious".
Bella magazine - published
TLN featured as number 8 in a piece on '10 ways to get thin'. The piece mentions 'check out lower-calorie chocolate. New Tasty Little Numbers chocolate is just 100 calories per bar'.
Health & wellness times - online review
The piece states that the treats were much better than the blogger expected (having tried other brands of 'diet food') and comments: 'i don't know who their chef is, but they have done exactly what it says on the packaging in that the treats are tasty!'.
Foodstuff finds - online review
Editor of leading food blog, foodstuff finds, reviewed the chocolate bars, detailing the three chocolate bars in the range and praising the taste and appearance of the milk chocolate bar. The journalist also mentioned "I'm mightily impressed with them - already munched my way through a couple of packs".
Live like a vip - online review
Online review by celebrity blogger and the sunday mirrors youngest ever columnist popular celebrity and lifestyle blogger zoe griffin loved the idea of a 100 calorie chocolate bar and reviewed the full range in the 'treat of the week' section. Zoe mentioned that she 'liked them so much that we're now going to tell you why we recommend them' and how she was 'truly impressed' by the whole range.
Womans own - we love food - online review
Prolific food blogger adrian reviewed Tasty Little Numbers for the we love food blog, which is part of woman's own. Adrian absolutely loved the brand and said that "what we've had so far were amazing! My son, who's 10, loved them - they are perfect portions for kids!"
Madhouse family reviews - online review
Cheryl pasquier, blogger for madhouse family reviews (popular family blog with over 200,000 monthly unique users), published a detailed overview of all products in the range, with accompanying imagery and descriptions. "as an occasional sweet treat and low-calorie ready meal alternative, they're fabulous. The idea of having "real food, perfectly portioned" instead of resigning yourself to eating nothing but salad and meal replacement shakes is definitely a winner".
International life magazine - published
'delicious portions of nourishing, good food, which are perfect for a quick wholesome meal'.
Best magazine
Top 100 calorie snacks!
Closer magazine
Closer magazine featured 'Tasty Little Numbers is the 'best new diet treat' in closer magazine's shape up page
The piece describes how TLN 'takes the guess-work out and is pretty darn good to' and gives a glowing review of the whole range 'handbag describes jo beach as 'our kind of woman'
Given to distracting others -
"Jo bryan, blogger for given to distracting others (very popular blog) featured the launch of the TLN competition, offering readers the chance to win 3 treat boxes. The piece includes an overview of the chocolate, crisps and snack pots and the description that 'i am impressed, they are indeed tasty'. The piece positively comments on the packaging and variety of the meals as well as the philosophy behind the brand, ending with the words 'i am hooked'."
Wellbeing magazine -
"The publishing director of this health and lifestyle title aimed at those living in east sussex reviewed 'TLN range for a feature on the latest and hottest food products to hit the shelves.'"
"Tasty Little Numbers appears on the online portal for the following hearst magazine titles - good housekeeping, prima, country living, house beautiful and coast with 470,000 monthly unique users. The salt and vinegar crisps have made the 'food buy of the week' section after being 'a real hit in the office' and the journalist also comments how much she loves the branding."
Yours magazine
"Tasty Little Numbers range appears in the 'We Love...' section of the 'Food Notes' page with the comments 'if you spot Jo Beach's brilliant range on a shelf near you, definitely try it'."
Mother and baby - online
The snack pots are presented as the ideal solution for mothers wanting to eat healthily after the birth of their child. The piece mentions how the products are 'created by Jo Beach, they're a complete meal and can be heated in minutes.'


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